Countdown to Crosshaven! Procedures and reminders for the 2020 Irish National Championships

Countdown to Crosshaven! Procedures and reminders for the 2020 Irish National Championships

Entries are flooding in for this year’s Laser Nationals which is promising to be a great event.

Due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding COVID 19, there will be some additional procedures surrounding this year’s Nationals that will require particular attention.

  1. COVID Procedures
    • The RCYC will adhere to all governmental advice regarding gatherings and travel restrictions. Any participants who have traveled from abroad prior to the event must be in compliance with NPHET and governmental advice relating to ‘Green’ areas and quarantine rules (this includes people transiting Northern Ireland).
    • Social distancing must be observed while on club premises.
    • Pre-registration disclaimers and health declarations must be signed online before registration. Entry packs including tallies can be collected from the race office once registered online. Race office interface will be kept to a minimum
    • All communication with competitors will be via the event website
  2. Sail Numbers
    • Sail numbers MUST be unique to your boat and be in official 6 digit format. Substitution of sail numbers will only be possible in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the race committee. Duplicate sail numbers will result in DNF results for both parties. Get your numbers sorted NOW.
  3. Bow Lines
    • Bow Lines of 7m and of a suitable diameter must be fixed to your bow eye and remain in place for the duration of the event.
  4. Official Equipment
    • Only Official ILCA/World Sailing equipment may be used at this event. All boats must have a class legal plaque/sticker in the cockpit and official red sail buttons.
  5. Late Entries
    • Closing date for discounted entries (€110) 31st July 2020
    • Closing Date for entries (€160) 7th August 2020
    • LATE Entries MAY NOT be accepted on the day.

Looking forward to seeing you there….



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