New Names, New Logo, New Website!

New Names, New Logo, New Website!


Irish Laser Association has changed name to ILCA Ireland.

Laser Standard has changed name to ILCA 7

Laser Radial has changed name to ILCA 6

Laser 4.7 has changed name to ILCA 4


On 25th April 2019 the ILCA issued a press release detailing the earlier signaled name change for the Laser.

LPE made around 80% of the Lasers in the World and holds the trade mark name Laser and the Laser starburst logo everywhere in the World except Oceania, Japan and South Korea.

On 27 March 2019 ILCA announced HERE that it was removing LPE as an approved builder and was negotiating with several companies interested in being added to the approved builders list

ILCA said that it took this action because LPE breeched the Builders Construction Manual Agreement by refusing to allow ILCA to inspect and audit their production facility. This audit process is to ensure compliance with the strict one design policy of the Laser class.

ILCA took this step in full knowledge that LPE owned the rights to the Laser name and Laser starburst logo and that a consequence rebranding of the class would be needed. ILCA subsequently announced this rebranding in a press release on 25th April 2019 HERE with further updates on 5th January 2020 HERE

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